You can grow taller without surgery! With the 3 best innovations to increase height

Short stature is not a disease but a condition that we can correct. Of course, part of it comes from heredity. But not only that. Short stature can be caused by a lack of nutrition.

Nowadays, even though there is surgery to increase height. But sustainable solutions such as nutritional adjustments Exercise Adjust your personality from an early age It will help make life easier in the future.

Important factors related to height How tall can a person generally be? It involves 6 main factors as follows:

1. Genes or heredity : There are many genes that control height. which affects height Therefore, tall parents Together with the high grandparents and the whole family. Children are usually tall. Certain gene abnormalities cause height, such as gene mutations. Enzyme deficiency etc.

2. Hormones : The hormone that stimulates height in childhood is growth hormone that stimulates bones. Cause expansion as a result, the bones become longer.

3. Food: Food plays a very important role in the growth of the body, including bones. Therefore, bone-building nutrients are important for height. The main components of bones are calcium, phosphorus, and protein in bones meat.

4. Exercise : Some athletes are tall and large, such as basketball, swimming, volleyball, etc. Some athletes are short and small, such as gymnastics, ballet, etc. This is due to the main factor: The type of sport determines whether tall or short people will have an advantage in that type of sport. Short people have another advantage in sports that do not rely on height.

5. Chronic diseases or illnesses : such as liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease, anemia, thalassemia. Chronic infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and AIDS cause the body’s production of the hormone IGF-1 to decrease, make causing growth to slow down and the final height is not the full height according to the genetic potential.

6. Certain medicines or hormones : One that is important and frequently used in medical practice is steroids that suppress growth hormones and have a direct effect on bones, causing bone formation to decrease. and increased bone resorption It has the effect of counteracting the effects of vitamin D. Decreases the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the intestines. This causes a loss of calcium through the kidneys, causing osteoporosis. or bones become thinner slow growth and their full height is lower than their genetic potential.

Mrs. Pensiri Panyarachun, Director of the HiCare Center, revealed that HiCare was established from the integration of a team of experts in height development, including a team of medical professors. physical therapist sports scientist Nutrition experts, researchers, and a team of personality adjustment experts.

Together come to bring knowledge, both theoretical and practical, including medical and physical tools. Used to develop height potential in particular. For children who are worried about height or children who have body growth problems that cause their height to slow or not up to standard for their age Under the basic factors that affect height in children including genetics, congenital diseases, nutrition, daily routine and exercise All of which affect the child’s growth.

The center’s director said that “HiCare Center” sees an opportunity to develop the height potential in each child during the golden period of height (Growth Period) by strengthening factors that help stimulate height in children. Every component is developed under proven principles and knowledge. Therefore, the service “HiCare” has been opened. Height Center” first branch in 2021 at the QissMall building, Kluai Nam Thai, with the goal of developing the height potential of children aged 6 – 18 years with 3 main height enhancement programs.

Children who enter the project will receive one-on-one care from experts in each field or “One On One Expert Service” consisting of:

1. The “Fit to TALL” program is an exercise program combined with physical therapy. To promote height Which is designed specifically for the individual (Personal Precision Training for Height) “aimed” for height and finds the “peak” point of secretion of IGF-1 (Growth Hormone that helps increase height) by the work of a team of scientists. Sports training for children’s exercise training and through taking care of national youth athletes and skilled physical therapists

2. The “Chill to TALL” program is a physical and exercise program. By focusing on helping to stretch the muscles. and prepare the bones to “aim” to increase height by the work of a team of skilled physical therapists. Note: We have a trial program “Trial Program” for children and parents who would like to consult. and virtual trials Before deciding to apply for service

3. High opportunity check program “10 Checklist” is a physical fitness testing program. and physiology from experts To analyze 10 chances of height along with advice on how to easily increase height at home in case parents want to know information about their child’s chance of height. Before deciding to use the service


Every program of “HiCare Height Center” has received a continuous increase in response from parents and children who come to use the service. Therefore, in order to support the needs of the target group who are increasingly interested in “HiCare Center Height” therefore opened a second branch at The 9th Towers Grand Rama 9 building on Rama 9 Road, behind Central Rama 9, on an area of over 500 square meters, divided into

1. Exercise zone (Fit to TALL Zone) to promote bone and muscle building. It is the use of exercise activities. To help stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone, especially the hormone important for exercising during the day (Insulin like Growth Factor-1: IGF-1) that helps strengthen bone mass. and strengthen muscles which has a variety of equipment for height stimulation With impact and stretching and muscle recovery Adjust the spine to make it straight and strong. Using children’s natural body weight to increase their height through physical activity. Using the principles and techniques of sports science. on modern equipment To achieve results in stretching the spine and can also help increase muscle strength as best as possible Especially the arm muscles, followed by the chest muscles. back muscles and the core of the body These activities will affect physical growth, especially “aiming” on “height”.

2. Physical therapy zone By using many types of modern physical therapy equipment. that are effective in increasing different heights, such as

– A device that stimulates the growth plate (Growth plate or Epiphyseal plate) in the joints and bones in the lower limb and trunk by shaking back and forth to stimulate blood circulation. and muscle relaxation through medical equipment imported from Japan, especially infrared radiation machines.

– Physical tools and equipment to help stretch the spine and muscles By an expert physical therapist It is used to stretch the spine by increasing the space between the discs. To support the growth hormone that is stimulated to attach to the anger plate. to produce bone meat Including the muscles of the back and keep the hips straight

3. Providing advice on important matters that are factors in height development. From experts in various fields as follows:

– Service to analyze the basic physical structure of each child. From the first time of receiving service To check for abnormalities of the body By experts at the level of medical professors And professional physical therapists are ready to give advice to parents in the case of their children. who have physiological problems such as a scoliosis, a curved back, a protruding neck, sloping shoulders, or sloping feet, which have a significant effect on the children’s growth Especially in terms of height

– Providing advice on good basic personality adjustment for every child. Because personality is an important part of human beings in that it helps promote or hinder success in various areas such as studying, working, socializing, and personality adjustment. Therefore, it is important that every child It should be improved and developed to add value and build self-confidence. and ready to step into the future with confidence

– Nutrition consulting service by national expert nutritionists. Because good nutrition is an important basis for the growth of every child. Parents will be consulted and a menu will be designed specifically for each child. To get complete nutritional value especially Focusing on promoting essential nutrients to help children develop their bodies in terms of height.

3 latest innovations to increase height potential, first used by “HiCare Height Center” and the only place in Thailand Under intellectual copyright and medical experimentation include:

1. Body Composition Analysis, the latest innovation that brings height measurement results. Muscle mass examination, etc. in the same machine used in the first body composition analysis machine in Thailand

2. Foot analysis machine and foot pressure weight, Podogram Analyzer, standard for use only in leading hospitals that was used in the first altitude center in Thailand

3. Just 15 minutes of Vertimpact exercise machine is equivalent to 600 shock jumps. Intellectual patent. and have experimental results The world’s first medical efficacy test (Clinical Trial) in Thailand

Center Director Say with confidence that “HiCare Height Center” is the leader in height potential development centers. and the highest center of height Whether it is the largest field in the country, innovation, equipment, medical tools And with a commitment to service excellence, we understand and care about providing services to all children in the form of “One On One Expert Service”

Because we believe that each child is different. and has its own potential that can be drawn out to design a height development program that is appropriate for each child Through recommendations from experts National experts in various sciences Many fields are involved in height development. Enhanced by recruiting modern innovations to provide services. With determination to care and promote children who have a need to develop their height potential Under the principle “Stand by side…because we understand” which is the operating philosophy of “HiCare Height Center” in providing services that go beyond “a lot” because we know the needs. and children’s goals regarding professional height

“HiCare Height Center” opens its second branch in a prime location on Rama 9 Road. On an area of more than 500 square meters, it responds to the needs of parents who are concerned about the height of their children, grandchildren, and younger siblings who have problems with slow growth or are below the standard height. Under the guidelines for height development based on principles medical knowledge and proven science Ready to import equipment that will help improve height, 3 latest innovations that received intellectual patents and were the first to be used in medical trials. and the only place in Thailand

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