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Fit to TALL

Grow taller along with fitness …. Build confidence with height

Fit to TALL Personally designed exercise and physical therapy program (Personal precision Training for Height) which focuses on increasing height and the search for the highest level of IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 : Growth Hormone to increase Height) secretion, and continued stimulation with medical and physical therapy equipment in order to stretch bones for growth.

Chill to TALL

Relaxed, and grow taller with proper stretches. 100% safety.

Chill to TALL Stretches the muscle and prepares the bone for height increase, with physical therapy program conducted by professional physiotherapists, and continued stimulation with medical and physical therapy equipment in order to stretch bones for growth.

10 checklists to increase height

Check out your chance to grow taller

1. Stimulate bones and muscles (Growth Plate Stimulation), Growth Hormone (GH: IGF-1) with medical/physical equipment.

2. Stimulate blood circulation system with an infrared irradiator to increase oxygen in the body (Blood & O2 Circulation).

3. Check the balance of your bone structure.

4. Check for physiological abnormalities.

5. Check the length of the spine and lower extremities.

6. Check for muscle tension.

7. Body composition measurement.

8. Personal exercise coaching to increase height.

9. Adjust posture for good personality and taller.

10. Get a nutritional program to increase height.

Summer Camp HiCare

From March - May 2024
HiCare CAMP⛺️ Intensive CAMP for Height!
Height CAMP for kids who want to increase their height during the semester break.
With a special promotion, for this semester break Only.

🔥 Urgent!! Now open for applications. Hurry up to reserve. Limited quota🔥

Promotion HiCare Camp Special price for “ Fit to TALL”  10 times, get free 3 more times !!
(2 hours per time) 
Just 37,000 baht only. 

Training Period starting from Monday to Friday, at 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. (This promotion is not offer for free trial promotion)

With professional sport scientists and expert physical therapists, HiCare Camp is keen to train and advice all kids to do exercise in the effective way for height along with physical therapy treatment in order to maximum increase their height 😊


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