HiCare would like to recommend dietary supplements to increase height for children. who invented the formula By nutrition researchers at HiCare Center.

In order for children to receive nutrients according to good nutrition principles and sufficient to develop the bone and muscle building process and help increase the child’s height to its full potential. With nutritional supplement formulas for growth, 3 products are:

1. ProPlus

Contains cow’s milk that is high in protein. Rich in calcium, Vitamin D3 helps in calcium absorption and is a source of various vitamins and minerals. Suitable for children who need a daily protein and calcium supplement.

What are the benefits of ProPlus?
• High in protein, protein extracted from cow’s milk. Helps strengthen the growth of the body
• Contains 25% calcium to help strengthen bones for children in their growing years.
• Contains vitamin D3 to help absorb calcium efficiently.
• Contains many important nutrients for growth.

2. CalZincPlus

Dietary supplement in pill form, milk flavor, easy to chew, delicious taste, high in calcium and zinc. Helps strengthen bones and grow. Contains vitamin D3, vitamin A and vitamin K1 that help strengthen bones. And magnesium helps maintain strong bones. It is a source of various vitamins and minerals.

What are the benefits of CalZinc Plus?
• High in calcium. Helps build strength of bones and joints.
• High in Zinc, helping to promote growth in the body.
• Contains vitamin D3 to help the body absorb calcium better.
• Rich in Magnesium to help nourish bones. and increase efficiency in exercise
• Is a source of various vitamins and minerals. Helps strengthen growth

Additional information – ProPlus and CalZinc Plus are dietary supplements in the form of milk-flavored tablets, easy to chew, delicious in taste, containing nutrients that help increase muscle density and bone mass, important parts for increasing height during growth and for strong, healthy bones. completely grown

3. CalPro

Dietary supplement in drink form, chocolate flavor, rich in beneficial nutrition and helps stimulate height in children and teenagers. that is in the growth phase

Helps increase height with the value of 5 beneficial important nutrients in “CalPro” including:
• 4 types of plant proteins
• Various vitamins and minerals.
• Calcium
• Zinc
• L-Arginine

If interested, order at All types of nutritional supplements are available at HiCare Center.
Phone : 061-562-2496 , 096-424-9625
Website : https://hicarecenter.com/th
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Inbox : m.me/HiCareCenterTH

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