HiCare, the leader in height development centers Opening the second branch in the heart of Rama 9, ready to bring 3 innovations that have passed medical testing for the first and only time in Thailand.

“HiCare Center” opens its second branch in a prime location on Rama 9 Road. on an area of over 500 square meters after the success of the first branch at QissMall, Kluai Nam Thai, to meet the needs of parents Parents who are concerned about their children’s height who have problems with slow growth or with a height lower than the standard Under the guidelines for height development based on principles medical knowledge and proven science Ready to import equipment that will help improve height, 3 latest innovations that received intellectual patents and were the first to be used in medical trials. and the only place in Thailand.

Mrs. Pensiri Panyarachun, director of the center, revealed that “HiCare Height Center” was established from the integration of a team of experts in height potential development, including a team of medical professors. physical therapist sports scientist Nutrition experts, researchers, and a team of personality adjustment experts. Come together to bring knowledge, both theoretical and practical, including medical and physical tools. Used to develop height potential in particular. For children who are worried about height or children who have body growth problems that cause their height to slow or not up to standard for their age Under the basic factors that affect height in children including genetics, congenital diseases, nutrition, daily routine and exercise All of which affect the child’s growth.

Height matters The later you delay, the less chance you have. Consult HiCare now!
📞 Phone : 061-562-2496 , 096-424-9625 , 098-278-4714
🌐 Website : https://hicarecenter.com/
🟢 Line id : @hicarecenter
💬 Inbox : m.me/HiCareCenterTH

Cradit information from page facebook : QFM สถานีข่าวคุณภาพ – https://www.facebook.com/QFMQualityNewsStation/posts/pfbid026hHcFEt2tquUsWMAdYpx9WL6Mw5XmamGUeRhh12FAJcdAL9xtzQVBH5FKWnizr6Bl

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