Thai children aged 6 – 18 years can grow taller with medical innovation.

– In 2026, the Thai government targets Thai people 19 years old, male height 175 cm., female height 162 cm.
– HiCare, height increasing business Hoping to help Thai children grow taller through medicine.
– HiCare expands business by opening a second branch in Rama 9 area.

Height increasing business It is a medical business that has needs. From parents of Thai children who have purchasing power As for private entrepreneurs, HiCare, the leader in height potential development centers Seeing a higher opportunity to help Thai children Opening the second branch in the Rama 9 area, ready to use 3 medical innovations for the first time in Thailand.

Height is considered one of the personality traits that humans need in order to create opportunities for living and working in life. While data from the National Statistical Office It was stated that between 2014 and 2015, the average height of Thai women will be 158 centimeters, while for men the average height will be 171 centimeters. The Department of Health Set a target for the average height of Thai people in 2026 at age 19: men are 175 centimeters tall, women are 162 centimeters tall, and reach the challenging goal in the next 15 years or 2036: men are 180 centimeters tall and women are 170 centimeters tall.

Most recently, Mrs. Pensiri Panyarachun , director of the center, revealed that “HiCare Center”, a medical height increasing business operator, said that after the success of the first branch at QissMall, Kluai Nam Thai, to meet the needs of your father. mother Parents who are concerned about their children’s height who have problems with slow growth or with a height lower than the standard

“HiCare Center sees an opportunity to develop the height potential in each child. During the golden period of height (Growth Period), strengthen factors that help stimulate height in every component. Under development guidelines based on proven principles and knowledge Opening the first branch of HiCare Height Center in 2021 at the QissMall building, Kluai Nam Thai, with the goal of developing the height potential of children aged 6 – 18 years with 3 main programs. Children who enter the project will receive care from experts. One-on-one “One On One Expert Service” consists of

   1.The “Fit to TALL ” program is an exercise program combined with physical therapy. To promote height Which is designed specifically for the individual (Personal Precision Training for Height) “aimed goal” for height and finding the “peak” point of secretion of IGF-1 (Growth Hormone that helps increase height) by the work of a team of scientists. Sports training for children’s exercise training and through taking care of national youth athletes and skilled physical therapists expert.

   2. The “Chill to TALL” program is a physical and exercise program. By focusing on helping to stretch the muscles and prepare the bones to “aim” to increase height by the work of a team of skilled physical therapists (There is a trial program “Trial Program” for students and parents who want to consult and virtual trials before deciding)

   3. High opportunity check program “10 Checklist” physical fitness testing program and physiology from experts To check and analyze 10 opportunities for height and recommend guidelines for increasing height that can be done at home. Parents want to know about their child’s chances of height. Before deciding to use the service.

For “HiCare Center” 2nd branch at The 9th Towers Grand Rama 9 building on Rama 9 Road, behind Central Rama 9, on an area of over 500 square meters, divided into 3 zones, including an exercise zone (Fit to TALL Zone) to promote bone formation and muscle It is the use of exercise activities. To help stimulate the secretion of Growth Hormone, physical therapy zone It uses many types of modern physical therapy equipment. that are effective in increasing height in different ways, such as devices stimulating the growth plate (Growth plate or Epiphyseal plate) in the joints and bones in the lower limb and torso. Providing advice on Important matters that are factors in developing height From experts in various fields

The center director emphasizes that HiCare Height Center is the leader in height potential development centers. Providing services in the form of “One On One Expert Service” because we believe that each child is different. and has its own potential that can be drawn out to design a height development program that is appropriate for each child Ready to enhance by recruiting modern innovations to provide services.

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