“HiCare”, the leader in “Height Potential Development Center”, opens branch 2, Rama 9, to answer the needs of “Thai children” who have a problem with their height being lower than the world standard.

“HiCare Center” opens branch 2 on Rama 9 Road. On an area of over 500 square meters, it meets the needs of Thai parents and children. Solve the problem of anxiety about your children’s height Lower than international standards according to age. Entering the One on One program and brings 3 innovations to use, the first and only place in Thailand.

After the success of the first branch (at the QissMall building, Kluaynamthai), we received feedback from parents, guardians, and children and grandchildren who have problems with slow growth or being below the standard height. Under the guidelines for height development based on principles medical knowledge and proven science Import equipment that will help improve your height. By using the latest innovations which have received intellectual patents. and medical trials to be used as the first and only place in Thailand.

Mrs. Pensiri Panyarachun , Director of HiCare , revealed that HiCare Height Center was founded by The team of experts in developing height potential includes a team of medical professors. physical therapist sports scientist Nutrition experts, researchers, and a team of personality adjustment experts. together bring knowledge Both theory and practice and medical and physical equipment Used to develop height potential in particular. For children who are worried about height or children who have body growth problems that cause their height to slow or not up to standard for their age Under the basic factors that affect height in children including genetics, congenital diseases, nutrition, daily routine exercise which affects the growth of children.

“HiCare Center sees an opportunity to develop the height potential in each child. During the golden period of height (Growth Period), strengthen factors that help stimulate height in every component. Under development guidelines based on proven principles and knowledge Opening the first branch of HiCare Height Center in 2021 at the QissMall building, Kluai Nam Thai, with the goal of developing the height potential of children aged 6 – 18 years with 3 main programs. Children who enter the project will receive care from experts. One-on-one “One On One Expert Service” consists of

   1.The “Fit to TALL ” program is an exercise program combined with physical therapy. To promote height Which is designed specifically for the individual (Personal Precision Training for Height) “aimed goal” for height and finding the “peak” point of secretion of IGF-1 (Growth Hormone that helps increase height) by the work of a team of scientists. Sports training for children’s exercise training and through taking care of national youth athletes and skilled physical therapists expert.

   2. The “Chill to TALL” program is a physical and exercise program. By focusing on helping to stretch the muscles and prepare the bones to “aim” to increase height by the work of a team of skilled physical therapists (There is a trial program “Trial Program” for students and parents who want to consult and virtual trials before deciding)

   3. High opportunity check program “10 Checklist” physical fitness testing program and physiology from experts To check and analyze 10 opportunities for height and recommend guidelines for increasing height that can be done at home. Parents want to know about their child’s chances of height. Before deciding to use the service.

Every program of “HiCare Center” has received a continuous increase in response from parents and children who come to use the service. Therefore, a second branch was opened at The 9th Towers Grand Rama 9 Building, Rama 9 Road, behind Central Rama 9 on An area of over 500 square meters, divided into

   1. Exercise zone (Fit to TALL Zone) to promote bone and muscle building. Stimulates the secretion of Growth Hormone, especially the hormone important for exercising during the day (Insulin like Growth Factor-1: IGF-1) that helps strengthen bone mass. and strengthen muscles These activities It will affect physical growth, especially “goal oriented” on “height”.

   2. Physical therapy zone By using many types of modern physical therapy equipment. that are effective in increasing height in different ways, such as devices stimulating growth plates (Growth plate or Epiphyseal plate) in the joint and bone areas by experienced physical therapists To support growth hormone bone production Including the muscles of the back and keep the hips straight.

   3. Providing service advice on important matters that is a factor in height development. From experts in various fields, including services to analyze the basic physical structure of each child. Adjust good basic personality for every child. Because personality is an important part of human beings in that it helps promote or hinder success in various fields. To add value and build self-confidence and ready to step into the future with confidence by national experts.

“On the occasion of the opening of the Rama 9 branch, the center has launched 3 latest innovations to increase height potential that were first used by HiCare Height Center. and the only place in Thailand Under intellectual copyright and medical experimentation.”

For the Body Composition Analysis machine, the latest innovation that brings height measurement results. Muscle mass examination, etc. in the same machine used in the first body composition analysis machine in Thailand Foot analysis machine and foot pressure weight, Podogram Analyzer, standard for use only in leading hospitals that was used in the first altitude center in Thailand Just 15 minutes of the Vertimpact exercise machine is equivalent to 600 impact jumps. Intellectual patent. and have experimental results The world’s first medical efficacy test (Clinical Trial) in Thailand

Those interested can learn more at Facebook HiCareCenterTH. and other platforms of HiCare  Center

Information credit from 77 Kaoded – https://www.77kaoded.com/news/rossawanaphatchg/2499614#google_vignette




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