Do you believe that good personality can make you look taller?

Let’s looking at yourself in the mirror at home. Observe your own posture. Do you have equal shoulders when standing upright? Do you see your bent back or neck protrude? If you see this symptom, it is caused by using abnormal postures for a long time and affect the body cause personality problems.

Recommend to limit the time you use your mobile phone or computer every day. Or change the way you carry a bag on one side all the time. These behaviors can affect your personality and may have serious effects on the physiology and physical characteristics in the future.

Proper posture, such as standing upright, not only does it affect your personality, but it also affects their height. Stand upright and sit on a chair using the backrest. Standing in a proper manner can helping you grow taller than when you slouched over.

Avoid sitting with your shoulders hunched or forward which can lead to curvature of the spine pull your shoulders. Sit upright and pull your back and pull your belly into the best posture.

If you want to be tall or have a good personality, make appointment to consult with physical therapists. They can advise and help adjust your personality to make you look smart and taller.

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