Body stretching such as walking, standing or sitting during the day whether the morning, late afternoon or evening could help stretch the spine and joints. This is a secret to help you increase your “Height”. Let’s notice whenever you mostly sit all day with less activities, your spine and joints will press together. This may cause to decrease the “Height” if you measure the height in the evening on the day that you do less activities.

A recommended stretch which is very easy is to try standing against a wall with your back. Raise your hands up as high as you can and hold them for a count of 10, then repeat 10-20 times. Another one is to sit on the floor with your back against a wall with both legs extended in front of you. Lift both arms up and bend down to touch the toes of both sides. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat 10-20 times. Recommended to do daily.

Another pose that can be easily done is to sit on the floor with both legs spread apart. Lean forward and stretch both arms out to touch each foot. Hold the stretch for 5-10 seconds and repeat 10-20 times.

For those who like stretching exercises, you may try to find equipment’s to help with stretching, such as a pull-up bar, handrail or hoop that will help to fully stretch the body. Be ensuring that if you have time stretching every day plus eating right and get enough rest, it will give you the opportunity to increase your height by several cents.

Do you know that doing yoga can help you stretch your body? Some of you may have never done yoga before. Just trying one or two poses can help you stretch and increase your height. And if you already do yoga, try taking a yoga class. Maybe go to a fitness class or play a yoga video at home. It can be done conveniently.

Exercises that focus on bumping and stretching the body is an exercise method that helps strengthen muscles and accelerate bone growth to increase “Height”. However, you should be exercised continuously and consistently over a long period of time for maximum efficiency in increasing “Height”. If you are unsure of the correct exercise method, please be advisable to consult a fitness professional such as sports scientists who can recommend the properly way to exercise for “Height” .

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