Regular physical activity is important for growth the same as getting enough sleep which helps our bodies grow. Sleeping tight during the night with the right number of hours could affect the growth. Therefore, children should not sleep less than 7-8 hours a day. If we sleep deeply night, our body will secrete hormones to increase height, namely Growth Hormone that will help to grow taller. For this reason, if kids could not allocate and arrange their time well such as having too little sleep or sleep less than 5 hours a night, this may be an obstacle to height.

Other obstacles for “Height” that we should avoid are as follows

  1. Avoid alcohol, drugs and smoking. This kind of unhealthy behavior or habits. It is an obstacle the “Height”. Alcohol, drugs or tobacco can cause your bones and muscles to grow and expand improperly. It can also affect in osteoporosis when you get older.
  2. Avoid stress. If you who are worried or having problem from studying or from other causes such as being bullied or pressure from peers, it may cause stress. And if any of children have to face high stress level continuously for a long time, it may affect “Height”. If any of children are having stressed, please consult your parents or teachers to help solve the problem. Don’t keep the stress alone.
  3. Eating food that is not beneficial to the body on a regular basis might be an obstacle to increasing the height as well. Eating foods that are high in fat, such as fried foods, fatty meats, or starchy foods such as bread, sweets, crispy snacks, or sweet drinks such as soft drinks, pearl milk tea with high starch and sugar, they will finally accumulate in the body and turn to be obesity which is an obstacle do exercise for “Height”.



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